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How to fix a Fetch activation code that's not working

Last Updated: Wednesday 26 Apr 2023

If your Fetch TV activation code failed, or if you're seeing an error that says 'Incorrect activation code', follow the quick troubleshooting steps outlined below.

Screenshot of the first step, titled '1. Activation', of the 'Setup' screen on a Fetch TV device. There is text at the top that says 'Use your remote control to enter the Activation Code supplied by your Internet Service Provider. You should have been sent this in an email, letter or SMS.' There is a text field and an on-screen keyboard, with an error message in the centre that says 'Incorrection activation code.'

  1. First double-check that you have entered your Fetch TV activation code correctly. The code can be found in the email we send you that says 'Your Fetch TV box is on its way'.

  2. If it's still not working after a few attempts, please call our friendly Australian-based Customer Service team on 1300 880 905. We will ask you to read out the then the MAC Address and Serial Number on your Fetch device, which are the two codes found on the bottom of the unit below a barcode.

Please note: The activation code we send will only work with devices obtained through Aussie Broadband and will not work with models obtained from other service providers or purchased outright.

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