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How to prepare for your FTTN/B installation

Last Updated: Wednesday 7 June 2023

There are some important things to have covered before you get your nbn® Fibre to the Node or Fibre to the Building connection installed. Our pre-appointment checklist highlights some important stuff to check so your appointment is done in a jiffy.


You must have a VDSL2 modem for a Fibre to the Node connection. If you already have a modem/router, refer to the device manual or give our support team a call to confirm the following:

  1. Your modem should be ‘unlocked’ – if yours came from another internet service provider, sometimes they do a sneaky thing on the device to stop you from using it with another ISP. You may contact your old provider to ask them about this.

  2. The modem must have VDSL2 technology. If you’ve purchased one of our NetComm modems, you can rest easy knowing that it is fully unlocked and works with all of your services.

  3. The modem must support SOS/ROC for stable service. 


Somebody over the age of 18 needs to be there during your appointment time, so keep this in mind when scheduling your technician visit.

Additionally, the nbn® technician may also need to access the communications room and/or main distribution frame (MDF) if your building has one.

Telephone Wall Socket

A telephone point is required to install your NBN. You’ll know it’s the right type of plug if you can fit the DSL cable that comes with your modem into the point.

If you don’t have a telephone point anywhere, you’ll need to contact a licenced cabler or electrician to have one installed.

Cabling Requirements

To be most prepared, it’s a good idea (if possible) to have a licenced cabler or electrician to look for and place a conduit in a trench before your appointment as it reduces the chances of a second appointment being needed.

If you’re not sure about this, feel free to ask your technician during the appointment.

VoIP Phone

When you intend on using a home phone (known as a VoIP service), you’ll need to make sure that your hardware ticks all of these boxes:

  1. The device needs to be ‘unlocked’ – per the Modem section in this guide, you can contact your old provider to ask if it will work with Aussie’s VoIP and internet services.

  2. Your modem should have a plug on the back that fits the cable for your phone – usually it’s marked with a telephone symbol or labelled ‘PHONE’.

  3. The phone handset you’re using is ‘VoIP compatible’ – you can get in touch with our team for help with this or consult the owner’s guide for your phone.

If your phone handset or modem doesn’t meet these requirements you can buy a VoIP Adapter, which adds functionality to your router, and it also allows older (‘analogue’ or non-VoIP) handsets to work on our services.


If you’re not the owner of your property, you should seek permission from the relevant homeowner or property manager to get your internet installed. Depending on what needs to be done, the nbn® technician may make modifications to the building.

Device Compatibility & Registration

If you have a fax machine, EFTPOS or HICAPS terminal, medical/security alarms, confirm with manufacturer to check they will work and if they should be registered with NBN. You can register devices online here.

Additional Information and Resources

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