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How to use eero Internet Backup

Last Updated: Sunday 26 May 2024

eero Internet Backup allows you to set up a nearby mobile hotspot or Wi-Fi network as a backup when your wired internet goes down.

Once enabled, eero Internet Backup will look for and connect to the available and compatible backup source you’ve set, keeping you online to focus on what matters most.

With eero Internet Backup and a capable hotspot, you can enjoy video streaming, video conferencing, music streaming or online gaming even during internet outages. eero Internet Backup detects when an outage is over and automatically switches back to your original internet connection, giving you one less thing to worry about.

eero Internet Backup is available for all Aussie Broadband customers. To use this feature, check you have the latest version of the eero app (v6.25.1) by navigating to Settings > Troubleshooting > About from the eero mobile application.

  • Wireless reliability - Wirelessly connect your eero network to a backup hotspot without having to physically connect anything.

  • Roam around your whole home - When you move around your home, your mobile device’s backup hotspot will connect to any nearby compatible eero device, extending the backup hotspot across your whole network.

  • Quickly restore internet - When the internet goes down, it’s easy to temporarily switch your eero network over to your backup source, promptly broadcasting it throughout your home—so your connected devices stay online.

  • Reconnect your home - With a backup connection, your connected home devices, including security devices and smart appliances, can stay online even when internet outages occur.

  • Stream on - Keep enjoying video streaming, video conferencing, music streaming, or online gaming even during network outages with capable hotspots.

  • Bring your own backup - Select up to 8 backup wireless connections including wireless hotspots or nearby wifi networks with no need to physically connect anything.

  • Only on when needed - When the outage is over, your eero network will automatically switch back to your wired internet connection.

  • Reduce hotspot strain -Choose which connected devices get Wi-Fi access to prioritise what’s most critical across your network.

How do I set up a backup network?

1. In your eero app, tap on Internet and then tap on eero Internet Backup.

internet backup 1

2. Make sure your backup network is available (if you are using a mobile hotspot, make sure it is turned on), then tap Add a backup network.

internet backup 2

3. Tap on Search networks and then tap on your backup network when it appears on the list.

internet backup 3

4. Follow the prompts to add your password and complete setup.

internet backup 4

5. You should now see your backup network on the main Internet Backup screen.

internet backup 56. You can add up to 8 backup networks by simply repeating this process.

internet backup 6


Legal Disclaimer: eero Internet Backup requires a compatible backup internet connection in range of a compatible eero device, all sold separately. eero does not guarantee zero disruption and brief network downtime may occur during failover. Customer is responsible for applicable data charges with backup internet connection providers and ensuring authorized use. Network speeds are dependent on the backup provider, and coverage, uptime, technology, and speeds will vary. Will require backup power if the power goes out. Certain eero or Amazon features may be incompatible with eero Internet Backup. Visit for more details. Use of eero and eero Internet Backup are subject to eero’s Terms of Service and Subscription Terms of Service, found at

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