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NTP settings

Last Updated: Tuesday 11 July 2023

Aussie Broadband have a number of NTP servers available for use by our customers. There is an NTP server located in five capital cities, and they are:

For the nerds...

Our NTP servers are running on a physical server (not a VM!) in one of our datacentres in each of the cities referred to above. The NTP servers are individually addressed and not using anycast as the current recommendation is to use multiple time sources on a given device rather than having multiple servers behind one IP for high availability.

Due to the way NTP operates having multiple time sources is more accurate than having just one. This also prevents any time jumps if the sources behind the anycast address have variation in their own clocks.

All of our NTP servers are stratum 2 and are peered with each other and use the Australian Government National Measurement Institute Stratum 1 severs as their upstream servers as well as the Australian pool.

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