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What do my modem lights mean for FTTN/B?

Last Updated: Monday, 8 May 2023

Your nbn® FTTN/B modem will have a number of lights on it, most should now be green, blue or another ‘positive’ colour. Many modems have lights that flash to indicate connection activity, so you shouldn’t be concerned if any lights are flashing unless the manufacturer’s support information specifically advises that flashing lights indicate a problem.

If any status lights appear red, orange or another ‘negative’ colour, please call us on 1300 880 905 for technical assistance with your connection.

A white graphic of two examples on top of each other depicting display indicators on the front of an NBN Fibre to the Node/Building modem. From left to right, there are 14 indicator lights, being power, DSL, internet, WAN, Ethernet ports 4 to 1, Wi-FI, WPS, Phone ports 1 to 2 and USB ports 1 to 2. The top graphic shows the power button on, and the DSL indicator lit red, and ethernet port 1 being green. The other indicators aren't lit up. The bottom example shows the power indicator lit, the DSL indicator green, the internet indicator red and ethernet port 1 lit green. All other indicators are blank.

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