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FTTP Modem Lights Explained

Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 June 2023

PowerOffNo powerIf an extension cord, power board or AC UPS is used with the NTD, disconnect these devices, plug the NBNCo Power Supply directly into the AC outlet and make sure that the AC supply is turned on
PowerSolid redOperating from battery - if main power is offNone
PowerSolid greenOperating on AC powerNone
PowerFlashing greenNTD is starting upNone
OpticalOffNTD is disabledNone
OpticalSolid redOptical link is disconnectedCheck optical patch lead is seated fully in Optical Port and not excessively kinked
OpticalSolid greenOptical link is connectedNone
OpticalFlashing greenActivityNone
AlarmOffNTD is operating without failureNone
AlarmSolid redNTD hardware failure Contact our support team on 1300 880 905
AlarmSolid greenNo alarm, with local Ethernet access enabled None
UNI D1 to D4 OffNo service provisioned or no link detectedNone
UNI D1 to D4 Solid yellow1G link detectedNone
UNI D1 to D4 Flashing yellow1G data activityNone
UNI D1 to D4 Solid green10/100 link detectedNone
UNI D1 to D4 Flashing green10/100 data activity None

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