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Dasan Box Lights Explained

Last Updated: Tuesday 13 June 2023

Power GreenOnThe system is turned on.
PowerGreenOffThe system is turned off.
PONRedOnNo optic signal, and the unit has not been registered
PONGreenOnOptic signal normal. Normally registered. OMCI success.
PONGreenBlinkingFirmware being downloaded.
ALMRedOnNo optical signal, firmware update fail or other faults.
ALMRedOffReceived optical power is normal.
InternetGreenOnIn service.
InternetGreenOffNot in service.
Tel 1-2GreenOnHook on.
Tel 1-2GreenOffHook off.
LAN 1-4GreenOnThe link is up.
LAN 1-4GreenBlinkingThe link is up.
LAN 1-4GreenOffThe link is down.
CATVGreenOnPower is -8 to 0 dBm
CATVRedOnPower is <-8 dBm or >0 dBm
CATVOffOffAdmin is disabled.

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