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What happens when the previous tenant hasn't cancelled their internet?

Last Updated: Wednesday 19 Apr 2023

If we're having some trouble activating your new internet service, it may be due to an existing account that is still active at the address you've provided.

In some circumstances - depending on the type of NBN at your property - the last occupant's service might prevent an internet service provider from being able to activate a new service. In these situations, we'll contact you to let you know about the delay and ask for proof of occupancy at this address

Included below is the list of Proof of Occupancy Documents that we can submit to NBN to get your service connected. You'll need to send us only one of the following:

Proof of Occupancy - Accepted Documents

  • Clear fixed utility bills (water, electricity or gas); must be from within the last 3 months, where the "service address" matches where your requested connection is

  • An insurance document specific to the address (e.g. Business or Home & Contents)

  • Contract of Sale (must be recent)

  • A signed Lease agreement; which must include commencement date and signature of the tenant and landlord

  • Certificate of Currency for an Insurance policy (must be current)

  • A recent Council Rates notice

For more information about moving house, please refer to our FAQs about relocating your services.

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