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International Roaming

Headed overseas and want to take your phone? We have international roaming, but you may need to activate it prior to leaving Australia.

How it works

Although International Roaming is disabled by default, you may already have this enabled on your account. If you’re heading overseas, we recommend you check My Aussie, or contact our customer service team on 1300 880 905 to check if this feature is enabled or not.

Once enabled, it will automatically activate upon entering selected countries (potentially even if the phone is in Airplane Mode).

Eligible countries

The full list of countries which automatically activate upon entry can be found here, along with their rates.

Please note, 

It is your responsibility to check with us before you travel to see if international roaming is enabled or disabled on your device and Aussie Broadband service. If you would rather not incur additional charges when travelling overseas, we would recommend you have this feature disabled, even if you plan on leaving your phone in flight mode.

How to avoid unwanted additional charges and bill shock

If you intend to use a large amount of data, it is recommended that you connect your device to a WiFi connection in the country you are visiting. Data can be consumed quickly if you are browsing social media or watching videos. Also, remember your phone and apps quite often constantly use data ‘in the background’.

Please note there can be a 48-hour delay between when you use data and when it is recorded on our usage website, so you should not rely on these notifications.

PAYG charges: You will be charged for every call or SMS, and every MB of data you use, as per the PAYG rates for the country you are in.

MMS: MMS charges will apply for all countries, as per PAYG rates.

If you are in any doubt, we would recommend you disable international roaming and purchase a local SIM from the country you are visiting. It is your responsibility to keep a close eye on your roaming charges when overseas.
PAYG rates could end up costing you a small fortune. Be careful with your usage!

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