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How to add/switch a mobile plan

Last Updated: Monday 26 Feb 2024

  1. Download the MyAussie® app from the App Store or the Play Store, or enter the MyAussie® portal online.

  2. Once logged in, select Services in the top right corner. (Tip: You can find your login details in the step 1 Email you received when you signed up with Aussie)

    A screenshot of the My Aussie app, in the Home section

  3. When you see the overview of all your current services, select Add a service.

    A screenshot of the My Aussie app in the

  4. Select Mobile, then choose your desired plan. (Note: we will be directly linking to this page on the App)

    A screenshot of the My Aussie app in the

  5. Fill in your desired plan and details then hit Order. Your SIM will then be sent to the address you have entered.

    A screenshot of the My Aussie app in the

    Note: If you don’t activate the SIM within 60 days, the application will be cancelled.

  6. If you wish to order more SIM cards, please repeat this process.

    Note: Once you receive your SIM and follow the activation instructions with the SIM, you’ll then be able to confirm that you will be porting your existing number.

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