Aussie Broadband

Issues with outbound/making calls?

Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 Apr 2023

Here’s some helpful tips for outbound calling issues.

  1. Double check the number you are trying to call:

    • Is the phone number valid?

    • Are you able to call other phone numbers without an issue?

    • Are other people able to call the phone number without an issue?

    • Have you successfully called that number before?

  2. Listen for the exact error message

    • “The person you are calling is currently switched off or out of range” – Usually means the number you are calling does not have coverage, has airplane mode/do not disturb enabled, or their handset is switched off.

    • “The number you have called is not connected” – The number is inactive or has been disconnected.

    • “The number you have called is unavailable” – The number may be on another call and you should try at a later time.

  3. Try ‘Reset Network Settings’.

If you are still having trouble with outbound calls, feel free to call our lovely support team on 1300 880 905.