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Managing Call Diversions

Last Updated: Thursday 12 Oct 2023

To divert calls you will need to enter a sequence on your device's dial pad based on your desired settings.

Use the following codes based on your desired conditions:

  • Busy: 67

  • No Answer: 61

  • Unreachable (device has no reception): 62

  • Busy, No Answer, Unreachable (all conditions): 004

  • Unconditional (all incoming calls): 21

When setting up a diversion, you'll need to include your desired ring time (in seconds) before the diversion starts.
The options available are: 05, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30.

To manage diversions, use the following sequence formats in your phone's dial pad.
After entering the sequence, press the call button to enter these settings.

Adding a diversion

** <code> * <target phone number> ** <ring time> #

For example: ** 21 * 0212345678 ** 30 #
This sequence will divert all calls (21) to '02 1234 5678' after 30 seconds of ring time.

Please note: The ring time setting must be entered as a two-digit number, a division of 5, cannot exceed 30 seconds, and the target number must include the area code when entering a fixed-line phone number.

Removing a diversion

## <code> #

For example: ## 21 #
This sequence will remove any diversion set up for all calls (21).

Checking if a diversion is set up

# <code> #

For example: # 21 #
This sequence will confirm if there is diversion set up for all calls (21).

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