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FTTC MyAussie Test Guide

Here’s a guide to the tests available to you and a basic outline of what each one does. Remember, this might just save you a phone call! If you notice service issues in the test results, you can then lodge a fault… right in MyAussie!!

Test: Kick Connection
Description: This will clear the connection you have with us. It will not reset nbn™. Generally, you will not need to do this.
Use this if: You want to change your modem/router; kick your current connection, remove the old modem/router, plug the new one in and allow it to pick up a new connection.

Test: Check Connection
Description: Checks the status of your connection. Can help identify dropouts or if the connection is offline.
Raise a fault if: Result shows not connected especially if the Loopback Test also fails.

Test: NCD Reset
Description: Forces your nbn™ Box to reboot.
Use this if: NCD Status is reporting a problem and the modem is connected and switched on.

Test: NCD Port Reset
Description: Resets the UNI-D Port on the nbn™ Box to allow the modem to attempt a reconnection.
Raise a fault if: Status is rejected and result fails.

Test: Loopback Test
Description: Sends small amount of data between us and you (and back again) to test that data is getting through in both directions.
If this fails: Turn off your NCD for 30 seconds and then back on.
Raise a fault if: This test fails after a restart of your NCD.

Test: DPU Status
Description: Checks that the nbn™ equipment in the pit outside your property is online.
Raise a fault if: Status is offline.

Test: DPU Port Status
Description: Checks that the Port on nbn™ equipment in the pit outside your property is receiving power from your nbn™ Box. Also shows the connected data rate.
Raise a fault if: Status is offline even after performing a DPU Port Reset, or if connected data rate is low after a DPU Port Reset.

Test: DPU Port Reset
Description: Resets the port on the nbn™ equipment in the pit that your nbn™ Box connects to.
Use this if: DPU Port Status is offline or showing a low connected data rate.

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