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Call Routing - Enable Call Forwarding

Last Updated: Tuesday 2 May 2023

This article outlines how to turn call forwarding on or off for an extension via a phone or the manager portal. 

Note on Call Forwarding 

When configuring forwarding, users may choose to show their own caller ID or the caller’s caller ID.

Forwarding to the 10-digit number (5556667777) will display the user’s caller ID. 

Forwarding to the 11-digit number (15556667777) will display the caller’s caller ID. 

Forward From a Phone 

To configure call forwarding dial 72<phone number> (ie 725556667777). This will turn forwarding on and set the forwarding number. 

Once the number is set, users may dial 73 to turn forwarding off and 40 to turn it back on using the same number.

Forward From the Manager Portal 

  1. Log in to the Manager Portal

  2. Navigate to Users

  3. Select the user to update 

  4. Go to the Answering Rules tab

  5. It is recommended to set the Ring For time to at least 35 seconds, or callers will receive an “invalid destination” message if the extension times out before the cell phone does. 

  6. Select the active answering rule to edit 

  7. Check Call Forwarding Always and set the phone number to forward to

  8. Click Save

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