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Do I have to keep my home phone service when I join VoIP?

Last Updated: Monday 8 May 2023

Short answer is no. However, you will need to keep your landline service active during the transition to VoIP to ensure that you don’t lose your number.

This is important as it will maintain your ADSL service as well.

It is also recommended that this product (VoIP) should be used in conjunction with your standard landline service and shouldn’t be considered your primary method of contacting the outside world in emergency situations. VoIP is reliant on the Internet, and if you have an outage, the phone won’t work at all. Having the landline secures a line to the outside world should you require it.

Note: If you have any medical illnesses or life-threatening conditions, it is highly recommended that you call Telstra and organise Priority Assistance with your phone to make sure you have peace of mind.

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