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Fixing a VoIP phone with no dial tone

Last Updated: Friday 5 May 2023

This article provides information for troubleshooting a phone that doesn't have a working dial tone sound. If your phone does not have dial tone when lifting the handset or receiver, several steps can be taken to rectify this.

First, we strongly recommend that you power cycle your modem/router before trying any other steps. If you still can't hear a dial tone on your phone after at least 10 minutes has passed, continue with the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Your phone service is ran from your internet connection. If you have no internet connection, your IP phone service will not work. Check to make sure you can access the internet.

  2. The most common (and often overlooked) cause is a loose or disconnected cable. Ensure the phone cable is firmly connected at both your handset and the wall point. Phone cables should have a plastic clip which locks the connection in place. If your cable does not have this you will need to replace it.

  3. An old or broken phone cable – check along your phone cable to ensure the line appears in good condition. Any section that is missing some of the plastic shielding will be exposed and will almost certainly cause problems. On top of that, phone lines that are old may have deteriorated over time. Test your handset with a new phone cable (preferably below 3m in length)

  4. Your wireless handset may be having communication problems back to the base station. Rule this out by switching your wireless handset with a wired handset. If you are already using a wired handset, try to obtain another to rule out an issue with the phone itself.

  5. One of your filters or wall points may be faulty. Perform an isolation on your handset by simply disconnecting all telephone devices (including alarms, faxes, filters, and modems) and running your phone directly to your main phone point. If you are unsure which is your main phone point, simply try this on all phone points until you get dial tone.

I have tried these steps, and I still have no dial tone!

If you have recently signed up or transferred your phone service, you might be experiencing a brief period downtime of your service due to a pending connection or churn-in-progress. If you are not sure whether this may be the case for you, please call our friendly Australian-based Service Delivery team on 1300 880 905.

When all other options are exhausted, it may indicate that the issue cannot be resolved on your end. In this case, please call our friendly Australian-based Customer Service team on 1300 880 905.

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