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Hosted PBX - Call Routing - Answering Rules

Last Updated: Monday 8 May 2023

  1. Log in to the Manager Portal

  2. Navigate to Users. Basic Users can navigate to Answering Rules and skip to step 5

  3. Select the user to update

  4. Go to the Answering Rules tab

  5. Set the Ring for time. This is how long the user’s extension will ring when called
    NOTE: 1 ring = 5 seconds. The standard time is 6 rings or 30 seconds.

  6. To modify an existing rule, click the pencil icon next to it. To create a new rule, click Add Rule

  7. If creating a new rule, select a Time Frame

  8. Configure the options as desired according to the Answering Rule Options

  9. Click Save

  10. To sort the rule, click and drag over the arrow icons

  11. Click Save to Apply Changes

  12. The current rule will then appear with a blue Active tag beside it

Answering Rule Options

EnabledChecked by default. If unchecked, the rule will be ignored and will display a black Disabled tag
Do Not DisturbAutomatically sends calls to voicemail without ringing
Call Screening Requires callers to state their names before connecting. User is given the option to decline the call before answering
Call Forwarding: Always Immediately forwards the call to the specified destination 24/7
Call Forwarding: On Active Forwards calls to the specified destination when the user is not on a call
Call Forwarding: When Busy Forwards calls to the specified destination when the user is on a call NOTE: This feature is unavailable if simultaneous ring is enabled.
Call Forwarding: When Unanswered Forwards calls to the specified destination after the ring for time is met. If unused, calls will forward to voicemail
Call Forwarding: When Offline Forwards calls to the specified destination if all devices are offline
Simultaneous Ring Ring multiple extensions, devices, or phone numbers simultaneously
Include user’s extension Chooses whether to include own extension in simultaneous ring
Ring all user’s phones Includes all registered devices belonging to the extensions specified. Otherwise, the user will have to note each device
Answer confirmation for offnet numbers Requires cell phone numbers to press 1 if they answer to prevent calls going to offnet voicemail
Just ring user’s extension Rings only the device registered to the user’s main phone

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