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Hosted PBX - Call Routing - Configure Time of Day Routing

Last Updated: Tuesday 9 May 2023

Time of Day (TOD) routing is used in place of call routing users to simplify call routing using time frames and answering rules.

Enable Time of Day Routing

  1. Log in to the Manager Portal

  2. Navigate to Inventory

  3. Select the phone number to modify
    NOTE: If multiple phone numbers are being routed in the same way, select the client’s “main” number. Additional numbers will be routed later in this article.

  4. Set Enable Time Frames to Yes and select a Timezone

PBX enable time frames

  1. At the bottom of the modal, a list of time frames will appear, select the desired time frames and click theicon

  2. Set the treatment and destination for each time frame, then click Save. For information on recommended call routing flows, see Call Routing Best Practices

Route Multiple Numbers to a TOD User

  1. Note the phone number of the previously configured Time of Day routing

  2. Select individually or in bulk the phone number(s) to route

  3. Set the Treatment to User
    NOTE: Do not use PSTN or it will be treated as an off-net call.

  4. Set the Destination to the 11-digit TOD number (ie 15556667777)

  5. Click Save

  6. The inventory should look like the screenshot below. This will ensure that all of the phone numbers will follow the TOD routing whenever it is updated.
    PBX bulk frames edit menu

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