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How do I relocate my phone (VoIP) number?

Last Updated: Friday 5 May 2023

We recommend giving our Sales team a call on 1300 880 905 to organise the process of moving your number to a new address. Alternatively, you can also request a new local number if moving towns or interstate.

During your call, we will ask for:

  • Your current address and phone number

  • The new address you're relocating to

  • The date you wish to disconnect the old address

  • When you'd like us to start trying to connect the new address*

  • Account details and Two-Factor Authentication to confirm your identity

* Please note: Connecting a new service can sometimes encounter delays. We recommend choosing a date that allows an extra 2 business days before you need to use the service.

Can I take my VoIP phone number with when I move?

If you’ve been assigned a two-way or incoming number, and you’re relocating within the same town, you can keep your current number. However, in the event that you’re moving to a different state, you may want to consider changing your number to a local one for your new area.

For moving interstate and keeping your existing number, please be aware of local/national call rates. You will be charged at national call rates to call local businesses, shops, doctor’s offices, and schools from your new residence. Also, you will always need to use the area code (such as '02' for NSW) to make phone calls to places in your new location.

For more information about moving house, please refer to our FAQs about relocating your services.

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