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How to set up and use Call Back (VoIP/home phone)

Last Updated: Thursday 27 Apr 2023

Have your call completed when the phone number you are calling becomes free.


Call charges apply for using this feature.

How do I use it?

To arrange a call for Call Back

  • When you hear busy tone

  • Press RECALL

  • Dial *37#

  • Listen for the announcement

  • Hang up

To Cancel a Call Back

  • Pickup the phone

  • Dial #37#

  • Hang up

Anything else I need to know?

Call Back is available to use on your phone now. The busy destination will be monitored for 45 minutes. Call Back will not work for all calls, eg calls to some business numbers, Operator Assisted Services and international destinations and to phones on some other carriers’ networks. A maximum of five Call Back calls can be arranged at any one time. Call Back requires a tone phone, preferably with distinctive ring capability.

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