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Ensuring your IPND information is up-to-date

What does IPND stand for and why is it important to ensure it’s updated?

The IPND is the Integrated Public Number Database, which 000 Dispatchers use to send Emergency services to assist you. The database helps them to associate phone numbers with a street address in an emergency when a person may be unable to provide that information. For instance, someone suffering a heart attack or a person hiding from a burglar may be unable to clearly state their address, so emergency services use the IPND to know where to send help.

My safety is very important to me, but so is my privacy.

Your privacy will be completely protected by the ACMA and unlisted numbers will remain unlisted. Accurate IPND data is a requirement under the Telecommunications Act and access to your IPND data is strictly regulated.

Do I need to update my IPND details if I don’t have a home phone?

Yes, you should update your details whether you have a mobile phone, a VoIP phone, or a Fixed line phone.

The IPND stores the following:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your current address details
  • Your preference for directory listing (listing, suppressed address, or unlisted)

Every phone service in Australia (fixed, mobile, and others) is stored in the IPND.

Can I “opt out” of the IPND database?

No. Provision of IPND data is mandated under the Telecommunications Act.

How do I update my IPND details?

You can update your details by contacting your friendly Aussie Broadband customer service team..

You can read more about the IPND here.

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