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Grandstream HT812 Setup Guide

Here’s a helpful setup guide for the Grandstream HT812.

Step 1 – Check list

  • Grandstream HT812
  • Power adapter (comes with the Grandstream HT812)
  • Ethernet cable (comes with the Grandstream HT812)
  • Analog phone
  • Modem/router

Step 2

Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the WAN port in the back of the Grandstream HT812. The symbol will look like a globe.

Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable into a LAN port in your modem/router.

Step 3

Insert a standard telephone cable into the line 1 phone port at the back of the Grandstream HT812. The symbol will look like a telephone and have either a number 1 or 2 next to it. By default, we configure line 1, so it’s best to put the telephone cable into line 1.

Plug the other end of the telephone cable into your analog phone.

Step 4

Get the power adapter and insert it into the back of the Grandstream HT812, the symbol for the power adapter port will look like a power on/off symbol.

Plug the other end into a wall outlet.

Step 5

The Grandstream HT812 will be preconfigured to work on our network, so you can just leave it for 60 seconds to make the necessary connections and come online.

Step 6

When the Power, Ethernet and Phone lights are lit up and are solid (not flashing), then the Grandstream is ready for use and you’ll be able to use your analog phone.

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