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Voicemails – Manage Voicemail Greetings

Last Updated: Tuesday 2 May 2023

This will allow you to change your voicemail greeting.

Managing Via Phone

  1. From your phone press the Messages key or dial 9901 

  2. Enter your Voicemail PIN followed by the # key 

  3. Press 6 for the Greetings Menu 

  4. Press 1 to record your new greeting 

  5. Press 1 to record a greeting 

  6. Record your greeting and press # when you are finished 

  7. Press 1 to keep the new recording or press 0 to keep the old greeting 

  8. Hang up the call

Managing Via Web Portal

  1. Using any browser log into the manager portal  

  2. Click on the Messages button at the topClick on Settings

  3. Click on the speaker icon next to Voicemail Greeting

  4. Select how you want to set your new greeting

  5. Click Browse to upload any pre-recorded WAV or MP3 

  6. Enter a  Greeting Name

  7. Click Upload

  8. Enter your extension number or external phone number to record your greeting from 

  9. Enter a  Greeting Name 

  10. Click  Call  

  11. Follow the instructions

  12. Click Done

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