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Can I get a home phone with my internet plan?

Last Updated: Monday 8 May 2023

Yes! A phone is not required as part of your broadband plan, but you may have a Voice over Internet (Protocol, or ‘VoIP’) bundled with your services. VoIP is the technology that has succeeded the traditional telephone line used for home phones.

When signing up for a VoIP plan you can choose to transfer an existing phone number (known as ‘porting’), or you may have a new number generated.

Because VoIP uses the internet to host your phone calls, the call quality is more consistent, regardless of where you’re calling to or from. Unfortunately, this also means that a weakness of VoIP is if a power or internet outage happens, it would cause the phone not to work during these times.

Please take this into consideration when deciding if a VoIP home phone service is right for you – if you require Priority Assistance, you’ll need to contact Telstra as only they are able to provide that service.

We have home phone plans starting from $10/month for unlimited calls to local, national, and mobile numbers in Australia. Alternatively, we have a pay-as-you-go plan which has no base monthly fee – you’re only invoiced the charges for each call made to another number.

Call rates and VoIP plans for residential NBN and OptiComm services can be found on our website.

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